Arrow of Light™ Cub Scout Kit™

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Nature-Watch Exclusive!

Everything You Need to Make Your Award Arrows!

It is customary for Cub Scout® leaders to present each of their graduating Webelos with an Arrow of Honor (also called a Career Arrow or an Arrow of Light™ Award). Nature-Watch provides a complete kit with everything you need to assemble your Arrow of Light™ Awards!


  • Leader's Guide with Ceremony Script
  • Arrowhead Replicas (real stone hand-chipped from jasper, sizes range from about 2.25" to 2.5" in length, color of arrowheads may vary)
  • Wood Dowels (24" long x 7/16" diameter - already notched out to make your job of connecting the arrowhead much easier!)
  • Feathers/Fletching (5" long real Turkey feathers dyed in traditional blue and yellow scout colors) We include 3 feathers per arrow so each arrow will receive either 2 blue feathers and one yellow feather, or one blue feather and 2 yellow feathers.
  • Fletching tape (much easier than glue - this is used to connect the feathers to the shaft)
  • Sinew (artificial, but realistic - attaches the arrowhead to the shaft)
  • Colored adhesive vinyl in appropriate 1/4", 1/2" and 1" widths for color bands indicating each scout's achievements (You will need to determine which of the color bands are appropriate for each scout. We provide a chart to help with this. You cut the colored adhesive vinyl into 1.75" pieces).

Leader's Guide Includes:

Arrow of Light™ Kit:

  • Saves you Time & Money
  • Comes in sizes for 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 arrows
  • Plan enough time to assemble the award arrows!  It takes about 20-25 minutes to assemble your first arrow and then about 15-20 minutes for each additional arrow you assemble.
  • Completed Arrow of Light™ ceremonial arrows measure approximately 26" in length (from the end of the shaft on one side to the tip of the arrowhead on the other.)

Looking for a Low Cost Plaque to Hang Your Award Arrow?

$6.95 each - you can add to your order below


Enter quantity for each item desired:
Arrow of Light™ Kit (#276d) Kit for: 2 Award Arrows $20.95
Arrow of Light™ Kit (#276a) Kit for: 4 Award Arrows $34.95
Arrow of Light™ Kit (#276e) Kit for: 6 Award Arrows $52.95
Arrow of Light™ Kit (#276b) Kit for: 8 Award Arrows $69.95
Arrow of Light™ Kit (#276f) Kit for: 10 Award Arrows $87.95
Arrow of Light™ Kit (#276c) Kit for: 12 Award Arrows $104.95

Refills or Additional Components for Arrow of Light™ Kit:
Arrow of Light™ Plaque (#276w) Pack Size: 1 Plaque $6.95
Arrow of Light™ Ceremonial Feather (#276p) Pack Size: 1 Feather $3.50

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