Arrow of Light Cub Scout Kit

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Nature-Watch Exclusive!

Everything You Need to Make Your Award Arrows!

It is customary for Cub Scout leaders to present each of their graduating Webelos with an Arrow of Honor (also called a Career Arrow or an Arrow of Light Award). Nature-Watch provides a complete kit with everything you need to assemble your Arrow of Light Awards!

While you are welcome to place your order directly from this page, we encourage scout leaders to visit and shop from our website that is dedicated entirely to Arrow of Light at

  Video:  See what's included in the kit

  Video:  Step by step assembly instructions


  • Leader's Guide with Ceremony Script
  • Arrowhead Replicas (real stone hand-chipped from jasper, sizes range from about 2.25" to 2.5" in length, color of arrowheads may vary)
  • Wood Dowels (24" long x 7/16" diameter - already notched out to make your job of connecting the arrowhead much easier!)
  • Feathers/Fletching (5" long real Turkey feathers dyed in traditional blue and yellow scout colors) We include 3 feathers per arrow so each arrow will receive either 2 blue feathers and one yellow feather, or one blue feather and 2 yellow feathers.
  • Fletching tape (much easier than glue - this is used to connect the feathers to the shaft)
  • Sinew (artificial, but realistic - attaches the arrowhead to the shaft)
  • Colored adhesive vinyl in appropriate 1/4", 1/2" and 1" widths for color bands indicating each scout's achievements (You will need to determine which of the color bands are appropriate for each scout. We provide a chart to help with this. You cut the colored adhesive vinyl into 1.75" pieces).

Leader's Guide Includes:

Arrow of Light Kit:

  • Saves you Time & Money
  • Comes in sizes for 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 arrows
  • Plan enough time to assemble the award arrows!  It takes about 20-25 minutes to assemble your first arrow and then about 15-20 minutes for each additional arrow you assemble.
  • Completed arrow of light ceremonial arrows measure approximately 26" in length (from the end of the shaft on one side to the tip of the arrowhead on the other.)

Looking for a Low Cost Plaque to Hang Your Award Arrow?

$6.95 each - you can add to your order below


Enter quantity for each item desired:
Arrow of Light Kit (#276d) Kit for: 2 Award Arrows $19.95
Arrow of Light Kit (#276a) Kit for: 4 Award Arrows $32.95
Arrow of Light Kit (#276e) Kit for: 6 Award Arrows $49.95
Arrow of Light Kit (#276b) Kit for: 8 Award Arrows $65.95
Arrow of Light Kit (#276f) Kit for: 10 Award Arrows $82.95
Arrow of Light Kit (#276c) Kit for: 12 Award Arrows $98.95

Refills or Additional Components for Arrow of Light Kit:
Arrow of Light Plaque (#276w) Pack Size: 1 Plaque $6.95
Arrow of Light Ceremonial Feather (#276p) Pack Size: 1 Feather $3.50

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