Antelope Skull Replica (Pronghorn)

ITEM #816w
  • Antelope skull measures 275mm/10.8in
  • Made of durable resin meant to be handled
  • Scientific Name: Antilocapra americana
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Antilocapra americana. The pronghorn is actually not an antelope, but is known colloquially as pronghorn antelope due to its resemblance to the antelope. Can be found in North American grasslands and deserts. They are brown with white and black patches. Their horns are made of bone and have front-facing tines (hence their names). Pronghorns are the fastest land mammals in the Western hemisphere. They eat a wide variety of plants, and are prey for many carnivorous mammals.

Pronghorn antelope skull measures 275mm/10.8in. Horn sheath measures 7.9 in.

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