10 Ways Kids Can Use Paracord for Survival/Outdoor Living

Making a survival bracelet is a great way to engage kids and teach them the value of paracord in a survival setting.

What is Paracord?

Parachute cord (usually called Paracord) is an amazing nylon rope because it’s lightweight yet very strong. Paracord was originally created for use in suspension lines of parachutes. Now, survivalists use paracord for many different outdoor living applications.

Making paracord bracelets is fun! Kids learn knot tying while assembling their bracelet. It’s also a great way to always have this important survival material at your fingertips when hiking or camping outdoors.

What’s so good about paracord? Why is it important to teach young outdoor enthusiasts about paracord? Here are 10 ways kids can use paracord outdoors:

How is Paracord Used for Survival/Outdoor Living?

  1. Shelter Building: lash branches together or hang a tarp.
  2. Fishing: use the thin, internal strands as fishing line or weave them into a fishing net.
  3. First Aid: cord can be used to fashion a sling or immobilize an injured limb.
  4. Hunting: use as bowstring or make a snare trap.
  5. Repair: fix a broken shoelace or repair your clothing, backpack or tent.
  6. Safety from wild animals: secure your food, trash and toiletries high up in a tree by using paracord to hoist it up.
  7. Trailblazing: tie pieces to branches in order to mark your trail.
  8. Hiking: need to repel down a steep bank? Paracord is strong enough to support your weight!
  9. Fire: use cord to make a bow drill.
  10. Hydration: hang a water bottle on a rock or damp surface. Position the cord in line with the mouth of the water bottle. Water will run down the nylon sheath of the paracord and into your water bottle.

There are countless other ways paracord can be used in outdoor settings. The most important thing is having the material available when you need it. Wearing it as a bracelet makes it readily available when needed.

Where to Find Materials?

Nature Watch offers a great Survival Bracelet Kit. These bracelets also include compasses so kids can learn orienteering as well. Step-by-step written instructions are included, but these video instructions are really helpful.

Nature Watch is your resource for indoor & outdoor education, trying to build a love and appreciation for nature one child at a time.