Beat the Heat Neck Cooler Activity Kit

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Nature-Watch Exclusive!

Learn about Animal Adaptations!

Make an Animal Print Neck Cooler!

Nature-Watch Activity Kits are amazing! Each kit includes a unique, hands-on project for each participant to “make and take”, reinforcing the learning experience. Our kits come with everything needed to assemble the craft as well as a detailed Instructor’s Guide to help you deliver the educational component. Instructors appreciate the educational value and ease-of-use of Nature-Watch Kits. Children think they are FUN! Our “Beat the Heat” Neck Cooler Activity Kit is a perfect example of how we make learning so much fun!

Animals (including humans) have adapted to their unique environments over the course of many generations. Some animals have adapted to living in extreme environments – where they are forced to live with harsh, icy winters or extremely hot summers with little or no water. These animals have developed remarkable physical and behavioral adaptations that have allowed them to survive, and even to thrive, despite these difficult conditions.

Our Beat the Heat Activity Kit teaches children about Animal Adaptations (with a special focus on African Animals) and provides all of the materials you need for each participant to assemble their own Animal Print Neck Cooler. First, place our special crystals into the cloth bag. Pull the drawstrings tight and tie. Next, roll the bag into the Animal Print Bandana. Soak the bandana in cool water for about 10 minutes. The crystals inside will absorb the cool water, making your neck cooler take shape. Tie around your neck and you will be wearing the “coolest” educational craft ever! It will also serve as a cool reminder of the way some animals have adapted to “beat the heat.”

Great project for children ages 5 and up! Animal print bandanas included in kit may vary from those pictured.  All project materials are provided, but you will need to provide scissors. Scarves measure 20" by 20" so the finished project measures approximately 29" long.

MSDS Sheet for PolyCrystals

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