Animal Skins

How likely are any of us to get close enough to touch a wild animal? Here is a great hands-on experience that allows kids to compare and contrast furs of the most popular wild North American animals. Each hand-selected animal pelt is of the finest quality. In most cases, the paw and facial outlines have been tanned into the final skin. All animals are either farm raised or legally captured using the most modern and humane methods available, while adhering to the strictest habitat and environmental conservation management criteria.

We have access to many other animal skins that don't appear in our catalog. If there is a particular skin you are looking for, please let us know. We'll be happy to accommodate a special order if we can.

You may buy individually by clicking on the product description below:
Arctic White Fox Skin (#807y) $184.00
Badger Skin (#807r) $129.00
Beaver Skin (#807b) $149.00
Bobcat Skin (#807f) $199.00
Coyote Skin (#807d) $154.00
Deer Skin (#807e) $169.00
Fox Squirrel Skin (#807c) $34.00
Gray Fox Skin (#807h) $119.00
Gray Squirrel Skin (#807s) $34.00
Mink Skin (#807u) $79.00
Muskrat Skin (#807t) $34.00
Nutria Skin (#807w) $69.00
Opossum Skin (#807m) $47.00
Pine Squirrel Skin (#807q) $24.00
Rabbit Skin (#807k) $13.25
Raccoon Skin (#807j) $119.00
Red Fox Skin (#807g) $129.00
Skunk Skin (#807p) $59.00
Weasel Skin (#807v) $23.00
Woodchuck (Groundhog) Skin (#807n) $79.00

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